resume of Shri S K Nayak


    Shri Shashikant K. Nayak, Outstanding Scientist and Chairman & Chief Executive of Heavy Water Board, is a Chemical Engineer from Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT), Nagpur University. He joined Heavy Water Board in 1984, after completing the training in Nuclear Science & Engineering from 27th Batch of BARC Training School. He has worked in several areas of production of Heavy Water, which is vital to the Indian Nuclear Power Programme. Shri S.K. Nayak has been associated in design, engineering and commissioning of industrial-scale isotope separation plants set up by Heavy Water Board. He was leading the diversification activities of the Board in the development and production of Specialty Materials like Nuclear Grade Solvents, Enriched Boron compounds and Rare Material recovery from Phosphoric Acid using Solvent Extraction processes. He has been the recipient of several Group Achievement Awards of Department of Atomic Energy.

    Last updated on: 31-Dec-2020