New Year Message from Chairman & CE, HWB

    My dear colleagues and associates,

    The year 2020 will be seared in our memories. It’s been a quiet a unique year that presented situations unheard of before. The year that has fundamentally challenged our long established certainties about what we think is ‘safe’ and what we believe is ‘healthy’ in all areas of our lives. The pandemic has brought so many changes and challenges to our lives that no one could foresee at the start of the year.

    Across the world, workplaces and homes have had to adapt novel practices to halt the spread of the virus. For many, this has meant ‘working from home’ or ‘making home a workplace’. Most of us have continued to carry out their jobs under extremely trying conditions.

    I am delighted with the work done by my colleagues and associates in the Heavy Water Plants and Central Office during this tough and challenging year. We have worked hard to ensure that our plants / units are operating continuously and that our workplaces are safer and healthier. I thank all my colleagues and associates for their commitment and dedication in these unprecedented times to maintain such a high standard of discipline and perseverance.

    Amongst the many lessons the pandemic has taught us, one of them is that by ‘working together with technology’, whether online or offline, we can continue to pursue our work, achieve our milestones and maintain high levels of productivity. In fact some of the inspirational messages on the internet like “Strong Together’ and ‘We are ALL in this TOGETHER” aptly describes that we humans are all the same regardless of our religion, culture, customs or whether we are poor or rich.

    Let us welcome the new-year that will be the year of living together, fearless and free, with humility and gratitude. I would like to wish all my colleagues and associates a very healthy and happy new year 2021

    Thanking you and with best regards,

    Shashikant K. Nayak

    Last updated on: 01-Jan-2021