Chairman's Message

Current year is the Birth Centenary Celebration of Dr Vikram Sarabhai, the legendary space scientist, renowned physicist and the eminent nuclear scientist. He was the first Chairman of the Heavy Water Projects Board when it was constituted in May 01, 1969.  His great contribution to the Department of Atomic Energy and the nation at large makes us pride.

The year also coincides with the Golden Jubilee of Heavy Water Board formed in 1969. To acknowledge 50 years efforts taken for growth of HWB, Golden Jubilee Celebration was held on May 01, 2019. A theme meeting on the occasion was also held on “Non-nuclear Applications of Deuterium/Heavy Water” on April 30, 2019 with wide participation, and a concurrently held exhibition showcasing the strength and products of Heavy Water Board. Release of Monographs (1. Non-Nuclear Applications of Deuterium and Heavy Water 2. Specialty Solvents for Nuclear and Industrial Applications 3. Training Manual on Safety in Work at Height 4. Orientation Manual for Employees), a Postal Cover and a Coffee Table Book on ‘Deuteri Uno’ are the highlights of Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Dear friends, the past one year has been highly exciting for Heavy Water Board in terms of productivity, innovation and diversification. While our performance matrices had plateaued, we have achieved remarkable progress in our diversified profile. I congratulate each and every member, present and past, of “Team Heavy Water” who are/have been part and parcel of this profound success. Heavy Water Plant, Hazira has created a global footprint by achieving the lowest specific energy consumption of 22.92 GJ/kg D2O and also making 126% of targeted production. Oxygen-18 enrichment beyond 85% and synthesis of B4C pellets for FBR are notable achievement of HWP, Manuguru. We have also produced 50% B10 enriched B4C production for the first time to FBTR. Synthesis of Deuterium labelled compounds, commissioning of NMR, and Operator Training Simulator are the credentials of HWP, Baroda.   

After meeting the primary mandate of supplying Heavy Water for PHWRs, spreading its wings into further diversification activities in nuclear and non-nuclear applications, the mandate of HWB has been enlarged with approval of DAE which includes development and deployment of new processes, technologies, systems and equipment in frontier areas of relevance to DAE’s programme.

Dear friends, I am proud to share that HWB is able to manifest sustainable growth through accelerating innovation and driving greater agility and efficiencies, while reducing environmental footprint and increasing positive social impact. Setting up Magnesium recycling facility, exploring helium recovery from domestic resources, uranium recovery from domestic phosphatic material, recovery of Cobalt from spent catalyst, recovery of Gallium from Bayer’s liquor, production of Calyx Crown solvent, fostering Hydrogen energy research are few reflections of HWB’s thrust to science, technology and innovation.     

Dear friends, I am happy to share with you that, HWB and all its sites are proactively contributing to our national campaigns and reforms, namely Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Promoting Yoga, Made in India, enhancing digitisation etc. While pursuing the widespread use of social media, we have recently given a better look to our website making it more attractive, user friendly and informative. In consonance with the department’s mandate, HWB is also pushing Public outreach programme at corporate office and all its sites. We have actively participated in DAE-NUJ Journalists Meet at Kota organized by DAE at NPCIL, Kaiga and Rawatbhata units, Conference on Green Chemistry at IIT B, Celebration of Birth Centenary Programme of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai at DAE Convention Centre, etc. I would like to mention that the Journalists Meet at Rawatbhata had dedicated programme on non-nuclear applications of Deuterium, which is our thrust area presently.

Our collaborative work with M/s Clearsynth and M/s SyNMR towards this is progressing well and technology breakthrough and new product development under “Make in India” is in good progress.

Dear friends, human resources is the key to success for any organisation and hence, human resources development through modern technology and innovative methodology are important. Adopting advanced approach is highly rewarding in terms of specialised training for man power and multi-skilling.

Before concluding, I reiterate my appreciation to “Team Heavy Water” and hope to get their continual support in all our activities with the highest degree of attributes toward performance, innovation, involvement and integrity.   


Last updated on: 06-Feb-2020