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Tenders (upto Rs. 10 Lakhs) / Notice inviting EOI (Expression of Interest)

e-Tendering Portal (From 1st November 2012 onwards all tenders above Rs. 10 Lakhs shall be processed on e-Tendering basis, i.e. On-line download, submission and opening of tenders.)

Published Date Date of Sale of Tender From - To Last Date of Receipt Tender/ EOI Notice No. Subject
20.04.2018 30.04.2018 (09:30 Hrs.) to 12.05.2018 (23:00 Hrs.) 16.05.2018 (23:00 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost:30,40,000/-

Repairing of WBM roads in section 2,5 & 6 (part) of
ECHP system at HWPM.
20.04.2018 23.04.2018 (09:30 Hrs.) to 29.04.2018 (23:00 Hrs.) 02.05.2018 (23:00 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost:19,16,900/-

Repairs and replacement of GI and CI pipe lines and other miscellaneous plumbing works at HWP (M) Colony for the year 2018-19.
20.04.2018 19.04.2018 to 04.05.2018 04.05.2018 (14:30 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost:25,68,000/-


Hiring of two (Non-AC) Tavera of 2016 or subsequent model with minimum 08 seating capacity for commuting employess from various rallying points within Barod acity to Heavy water Plant (Baroda) and back in round the clock shift on all days of the week.

18.04.2018 for Corrigendum


20.03.2018 to 14.04.2018 28.04.2018 (15:00 Hrs. 19.04.2018 03.05.2018 (15:00 Hrs.)


Click here for Corrigendum for change in Dates

Estimated Cost:21.48 Lakhs (Excluding GST)

Miscellaneous civil works in CHSS dispensary at HWP(T) housing colony.
16.04.2018 17.04.2018 (09:30 Hrs.) to 30.04.2018 (23:00 Hrs.) 03.05.2018 (15:00 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost:Rs.17,71,000/-(Inclusive of GST)

Shed for organic immobilization unit near MEE Plant at HWP
16.04.2018 12.04.2018 (10:00 Hrs.) to 18.04.2018 (15:00 Hrs.) 23.04.2018 (14:30 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost:Rs.12,52,836/-

Providing and fixing Galvalume sheet roofing for various structures at Heavy Water Plant(Kota).
09.04.2018 16.04.2018 (10:00 Hrs.) to 02.05.2018 (15:00 Hrs.) 05.05.2018 (15:30 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost:Rs. 1,89,00,000/-


Supply and Plying of 02 Nos. of Buses of 2016 or later model having seating capacity 52 persons on contract basis for HWP(Kota) for a period of three years.

9.04.2018 for Corrigendum2 and Corrigendum3

19.02.2018 for Corrigendum1


29.01.2018 (10:00 Hrs.) to 19.02.2018 01.03.2018 (15:00 Hrs.) 26.03.2018 09.04.2018 24.04.2018 (15:00 Hrs.)


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Estimated Cost:Rs.3100 Lakh

Setting up of Integrated Solvent Plant (ISP) at HWP, Tuticorin.
05.04.2018 09.04.2018 (09:30 Hrs.) to 18.04.2018 (23:00 Hrs.) 23.04.2018 (14:00 Hrs.)


Estimated Cost: Rs. 28,22,000/-

Minor Civil Labour work at HWP, Baroda.
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